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31/12/05It's been a year and a half since I said I'd get cracking on the 2.6 port of the driver. In reality, what happened about a month after I wrote this is that I stopped working with computers and started studies in a totally different field. I got so fed up with this industry that I felt the urge to change career path while I still could. As a result, I try to spend as much quality time away from computers as I can these days. What I'm trying to say is that the CueCat driver is now officially abandonware, and anyone willing to pick it up, update it, rewrite it, maintain it or do whatever else he wants with the code is more than welcome to do so.
15/07/04Update: thanks to everybody who enquired about the CueCat driver. I will get to work on a 2.6 port as soon as I can find some time. Basically, with the new input API in 2.6, the driver will be able to hook into the kernel much more cleanly than in 2.4, but this involves a complete rewrite of the driver and I couldn't find time yet. So thanks for your patience, and hopefully I'll be able to get going on it soon.
29/06/030.8.2 is out, with a new patch against Linux 2.4.21

CueCat driver


The CueCat driver is a driver for Linux that supports a standard PS/2 CueCat connected on a PS/2 keyboard port or a PS/2 mouse port, a PS/2 CueCat connected on a USB port with a CueCat USB converter or a standard PS/2 -> USB converter, and the rare USB CueCat. It intercepts CueCat scancodes in the normal keyboard or mouse scancode flow, decodes them, correct them for errors and sends them in clear to a regular character device file.

A userspace utility is also provided to test a CueCat without patching the kernel, and plans to make a cheap serial pod for the CueCat are included as well.

Driver version


Kernel versions

Patches available for the following linux kernel versions :

- 2.4.21
- 2.4.20
- 2.4.12
- 2.4.7
- 2.4.6
- 2.4.0-test10
- 2.2.17
- 2.2.16 with usb backport
- 2.2.16

(if your kernel version isn't listed, chances are you can still use one of these patches successfully)


cuecat-0.8.2.tar.gz / Changelog / README



CueAct barcode utility


CueAct is a utility that uses the CueCat driver to execute specific commands when a barcode is swiped with a CueCat reader. The program can run different programs based on different types of barcodes read, or the particular reader that has been used to read a barcode. The options for barcode recognition and commands to run are fully configurable, and the utility can run as a standard program or a daemon in the background.

Typically, CueAct can be used to launch a web browser upon reading a barcode, and point it to a relevant barcode database, whether it's a barcode of type UPC (US products), ISBN (books), Code128 (UPS tracking number), etc ... For example, if you swipe the barcode on a book, it'll point you to an online bookseller. If you swipe the barcode on a milk bottle, it'll point you to an online grocer ... In that respect, CueAct is very similar to DigitalConvergence's own C.R.Q software, with the difference that you can choose which sites CueAct should point you to for which barcodes.




cueact-0.1.1.tar.gz / Changelog / README



Useful links

Online databases

- Internet UPC database
- Universal Directory of Commercial Items
- EAN database
- ISBN book search at Barnes & Noble
- UPS tracking
- Fedex tracking
- USPS tracking

CueCat technical

- :CueCat Principles of Operation
- Dissecting the CueCat


- GNU Barcode (GPL)
- Universal bar code scan system for online purchases and info (GPL)
- Decoding perl script from Colin Cross (public domain)
- Azalea software (commercial)

About Barcodes

- A short introduction to barcodes
- Excellent description of various barcodes


- Barcode Server

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