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Pinus nigra "Nicolas" :
Found in a parking of Higway in Belgium.1986
Medium tree, habit of Pinus nigra, with new growth pale yellow for some weeks.
Named for my son Nicolas.


Picea glauca "Blue Star" :
Selected from some plants from Holland, sold for Picea likiangensis.
Short needles, steel blue. Fast growing like the species.


Pinus wallichiana "Winter Light" :
Found around 1990 in a batch of seedlings in a nursery, I grafted 2 plants at this time.
A little slower than the species, He turn a good yellow in winter.


Picea abies "Paradoxe" :
A seedling found by a friend in the forest, green like the normal, the growing are slow,
Conical ,make a little tree.
With a strong growing, 2 size of branchlets in alternance.1990-1991


Picea sitchensis "Ban":
Like Picea abies "Paradoxe”, found by a friend around 1995.
I grafted a lot and distributed to all my friend collectors.
A globose-nest form slow growing.


Picea glauca "Omer" :
Mutation on my Picea glauca "Laurin" 1998
Make a little fastigiate plant.With normal foliage of picea glauca.


Pinus nigra "Tristounet":
Found in 2000 in a private garden at Nalinnes (3 km from here)
A pendulous form, slender,with a leader. Normal needles.
Still in observation.


Thuja plicata "Geldergold" :
Branch mutation on my Thuja plicata "Gelderland" 2001
Variegated yellow, it’s the same form , maybe a little slower?
By this way, Gelderland and Gold = Geldergold


Pinus parviflora "Teddy" :
W.B on a plant in my garden, a pinus parviflora cultivar not well identified maybe "Fukusumi" 2002-2003
Very difficult plant, globe ,compact, I don’t have a good plant at today.
I’m are named Teddy by my wife, because I’m sometimes/often a bear... ?


Picea abies "Vivier" :
Mutation on my Picea abies “Barry”, not sure it’s very stable, look a fasciated branch and buds.
Named ’Vivier’ like my street.


Chamaeciparis pisifera "Michelle":
Chamaeciparis pisifera Plumosa Aurea  Chamaeciparis pisifera Plumosa Aurea
Chamaeciparis pisifera Plumosa Michelle
I found this WB some years ago in a private garden in a Chamaecyparis pisifera "Plumosa Aurea” 2004-2005
I made cuttings and grafts during 3 years without succes
The 4 th year I have 2 good grafts (on 40), and Edwin some good cuttings.
The same year the original plant are cuted back by proprietor of the garden
I named Michelle in honor of my wife . She helped me in my hobby, and spended so many times.


Picea bicolor "Joyau" :
Found here at Jamioulx on a old tree in a private garden. 2009
A super nice globose broom.Green and blue.
My best award.


Pinus pinaster "Mimizan gold" :
In hollyday to Mimizan south France in 2010, I found a young tree in the nature
with yellow variegation.


Picea abies "Jean-Marie" :
I see these mutation in 2010 on my plant in the garden, grafted he show a irregular globe faster growing than “Jana”
I named “Jean-Marie” in memory to my father.


Cedrus libani "Camie" :
A broom at top on a old tree, in a private garden, at 3 km from here.
A kissen to prostrate broom. 2011
Named for my mother.

Sambucus nigra "White Cloud" :
sambucus_nigra_white_cloud 01
sambucus_nigra_white_cloud 02
A chance seeding, found in my arboretum in 2013, with a variegated white leaves




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